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Barry Maloney

“In all of its forms—whether figurative, non-representational, or calligraphic—and in a variety of media, Barry Maloney’s work expresses true artistic vision and mastery of technique. Line, color, composition, and thought combine in his works, evoking a range of human emotion and sensibility.”
~ John Davies, historian and scholar

“Though compositionally sophisticated, his work retains an unrefined quality that is rather endearing.”
~ Tom Gaughan, nationally acclaimed fine artist and teacher, Philadelphia, PA

“I am impressed by [his] ability to put pictures together and by [his] color. “Rain” is one of my favorite pictures.”
~ George Tooker, founding member of American Magic Realism Movement

Artist Barry Maloney could often be found in downtown Boston, the common or Chinatown areas, drawing speedily the myriad images of life and passing phenomena, or working at his home studio in Dedham, Massachusetts. A 1984 graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, he followed a career long tendency to pursue fresh and changing concepts in fine art and the understanding of life, amassing a large catalog of work in many styles and media. He worked predominantly in acrylic or oil on canvas and created innumerable pen drawings and inkwashes. Barry considered his paintings to be a form of visual philosophy.

Barry was an active member of the Fleisher Art Memorial and Da Vinci Art Alliance artist circles exhibiting in the late 1980’s and early 90’s on Catherine Street in South Philadelphia, he worked often in the painting ateliers of Philadelphia legends Mac Fisher and Tom Gaughan. After moving to Boston in 1994, he continued his studies in contemporary western fine art, along with a blossoming interest in Zen-inspired philosophies of painting and thought, studying at the Kaji Aso Institute of the Arts from 1994 to 1998. Barry Maloney’s work is represented exclusively by this online gallery.


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